FAPEL is the Florida Association of Professors of Educational Leadership. The purpose of the organization is to promote the improvement of the education of educational leaders through teaching, research, and service within a program of activities including, but not limited to the following:

A. To foster educational improvement through the inclusion of educational leadership in the teaching and learning process.

B. To provide leadership in the effective implementation and evaluation of statewide projects and programs.

C. To promote the flow of information, ideas, and services among professors of educational leadership in Florida.

D. To work cooperatively and collaboratively with similar state, regional, national, and global organizations.

E. To sponsor professional conferences and workshops on behalf of the membership.

F. To provide an organized forum for experimentation, research, and development.

G. To provide leadership in the development, implementation, evaluation, and redesign of educational leadership consistent with valued research and history, and most recent needs, research, and development.

H. To provide expertise drawn from the membership to help shape, define, implement, evaluate, and positively influence educational leadership policy and for all interested or affected stakeholders.


Membership is open to any faculty member in any Florida college or university with assigned responsibilities in teaching, research, and service for educational leadership, upon payment of annual dues. Graduate students in educational leadership and policy may also become members.